Turkish pm: Syrian regime behind Reyhanli blasts

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan stated that Syrian regime was behind blasts in Turkey's south border town, not rebels

Turkish pm: Syrian regime behind Reyhanli blasts

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday said, "The incident is definitely related with the (Syrian) regime.

The regime is behind it for sure," in regards to the recent blasts at Turkey's southern Hatay province's Reyhanli district.       Erdogan responded to the questions of journalists in Ankara.     

Stating that there were findings and documents in regards to the incident, Erdogan said, "Once we come to a certain result about the incident, we will make it public. However, the incident is definitely related with the (Syrian) regime. The regime is behind it for sure. The regime of course has links in Turkey and investigations have intensified on these links."      

"This incident has nothing to do with the opposition but some parties attempt to accuse the opposition and create an operative disguise against our Syrian brothers and sisters seeking shelter in Turkey. They also try to create sectarian tension," Erdogan added.      

Upon being asked of the broadcast ban, Erdogan said, "It was the right decision. It was what needed to happen. I appreciate the sensibility of the jurisdiction."           

Erdogan to visit Reyhanli          

Upon being asked whether he would visit Reyhanli or not, Erdogan said, "Yes, I will. I was already visiting metropolitan cities and Hatay is among them. Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay and many other ministers were present in Reyhanli since the first minute and I will visit Reyhanli, following my US trip."      

A journalist expressed concern over spread of war in Syria to Turkey and Erdogan responded, "We have a border line of 910 kilometres. We have to be very sensitive towards our neighbors but at the same time be very cautious. We make a step forward following our serious consultation. We won't fall into a trap but we won't avoid giving the necessary response either."  


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