Turkish PM voices caution over 'tie-mending' with Israel

Erdogan warned that relations cannot be restored unless Turkey's demands are met.

Turkish PM voices caution over 'tie-mending' with Israel

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Turkey's prime minister on Friday said his country's relations with Israel cannot go back to normal unless the Jewish state met Ankara's three key demands to restore ties.

"This a process that has just begun and we are at the beginning of the road. We had three headlines here: The first one is apology, which has been solved. The second is compensation, which is still being discussed. And third is the lifting of the embargo on Palestine. Without these three, we won't take those steps," Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a Washington conference on "Global Order and Justice in the 21st Century" at the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA).

Relations between the two former allies in the Middle East spent three years at a historic low after a deadly raid Israeli commandos conducted on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in May 2010 killed eight Turks and a Turkish-American national.

In March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extended a US-brokered apology and the two countries' officials have held at least two rounds of talks over flotilla compensation.

Civilian massacres in Syria    

Erdogan accused international community of being a bystander and watching from the sidelines civilian massacres in Syria, saying that world needed "a new order of justice".

"A global system that remains mute to massacres in Syria cannot claim to be fair and humanitarian," he said, adding that the United Nations should be overhauled to have "a system that produces justice unless it cannot offer peace to humanity." 

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