US Colonel: Obama chose the 'wrong' side in Turkey

Ralph Peters, a retired lieutenant has said that the US was on the side of the those who staged the coup

US Colonel: Obama chose the 'wrong' side in Turkey

World Bulletin / News Desk

A retired United States Army lieutenant colonel, Ralph Peters said on Saturday that those who staged the coup were in Turkey were in fact the "the good guys".

In a statement, Obama urged all sides in Turkey to side with democratically-elected President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but Peters thinks the commander in chief “should have just kept his mouth shut, because the people staging this coup are on our side.” 

"The situation is indeed murky. We won't know until Saturday morning at the earliest what is really -- who has really won... But the macro picture is very, very clear. This coup is Turkey's last chance to avoid becoming an authoritarian Islamist regime. An Islamic dictatorship. We should make no mistake, the people launching this coup are the good guys." Peters said about the democratically-elected government of Turkey while speaking to Fox News channel.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) blasted President Barack Obama Friday for siding with Turkey’s “Islamist fundamentalist authoritarian president” following the failed attempted coup in the country.

"Our president by saying we have to support the Democratically elected government-- This government is not democratically elected... [Erdogan] has banned opposition parties. He's banned opposition politicians, he has staged elections."

"As usual Obama and Kerry have got it wrong."



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