US hasn't displayed clear attitude towards Syria -Turkish PM

Turkish PM Erdogan stated US has to sit at table with Russia and China to find solution to Syria issue

US hasn't displayed clear attitude towards Syria -Turkish PM

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has underscored the importance of Syria's integrity for Turkey and stated, "what happened in Iraq should not happen in Syria, we don't want to see that. As Turkey, we cannot tolerate a formation called 'North Syria'."

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan replied the questions of journalists while returning to Ankara from United Arab Emirates.
Asked whether there is hope for changes in the Syria issue and whether US Secretary of State John Kerry who would be in Turkey on Friday would come together with the Syrian opposition who would also convene in Istanbul to announce the name of leader of Syrian interim government on March 2, Erdogan said, "We will talk about these with Kerry. The US has not assumed any responsibility so far. I cannot say a thing at the moment. The crisis has been going for nearly two years now and in that period of time the US has not shown a clear attitude. It is fine that they keep condemning but we expect different things from the US. The negative attitude of Russia and China's attitude are obvious. The US has to sit at the table with them as much as we do in the scope of finding a solution to this problem. They are the permanent members of the UN Security Council, we are not. There are five key countries to cope with such issues. These five countries have not done their part."

Upon another question about the division of Syria and the extension of the civil war, Erdogan noted, "Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, none of these countries wish for the country's division. Hopefully, we will not allow such a thing. The integrity of Syria is so important for us. We do not want to see a similar thing in Syria which has happened in Iraq. As Turkey, we will not allow a formation of 'North Syria'. That would give us different responsibilities and rights. Nobody has to let such a thing."
Erdogan explained his point of view on Iran's attitude towards the Syria issue and said, "Since the beginning, Iran has not shown a clear attitude. It has been indecisive. Iran's attitude towards the killing of this much Muslims is not acceptable as we also have a very positive approach towards Iran despite the risk of facing opposition of all others. This is very saddening."

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