Uzbek dissident assassinated in Turkey

The director for the Ihsan Ilim Services and Assistance Foundation director, Abdullah Bukhari was assassinated in Istanbul.

Uzbek dissident assassinated in Turkey

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Known as the director for the Ihsan Ilim Services and Assistance Foundation director, Uzbek national Abdullah Bukhari has lost his life after he was killed in an armed attack in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu disrict. The attack occurred in front of the foundation, and commonly known as Buhkhari of Ozbek was hit at close range and was taken to Cerrapasa Medical Hospital where he lost his life. The bullets that hit his body also hit the door of the foundations' building.

Immediately setting up an operation to find the killers, the anti-terror branch caught the assassin, Z. M at his home in Basaksehir with his gun. Realising he was surrounded by police, he threw his gun out the window. 14 bullet gun was taken to the police criminal laboratory and the investigation is now looking into who provided the assassin with a fake Ukranian passport.

After his teacher Abdul Veli Kari Hoca was assassinated in Uzbekistan, Bukhari brought his students to Istanbul and continued teaching them the Quran when he received informatin that he was being trailed by Uzbek intelligence.

According to witnesses, he was threatened three months ago, and members of the foundation said, “Abdullah hoca was making a call for freedom on behalf of Uzbek's whose freedom was restricted. Uzbek intelligence then threatened our teacher”. One of the foundation officials said that, “Our teacher was leaving his home and coming to the foundation. Our teacher is losing his life in hospital. Turkish Police knew that he was being followed”.

Having lived in Istanbul for years, the Uzbek Peoples Movement leader Muhammad Salih was also threatened numerous times. Increasing his security and cancelling his phone line were the measures that he took to prevent danger to his life. His children were also threatened and have closed their social media accounts.

His funeral was held today after the Friday congregational prayer at Fatih Mosque in Istanbul.

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