Youths pray for deceased troops of Gallipoli Campaign

The youths who visited the Dardanelles for the 98th anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign were served the wheat soup eaten by the troops of the 57th Infantry Regiment troops, and conducted morning prayers with authorities.

Youths pray for deceased troops of Gallipoli Campaign

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For the 98th anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign (Canakkale Land Wars), 15 thousand people from various provinces walked during dawn on the path passed by the 57th Infantry Regiment in 1915.

The youths, who spent the night before the 57th Regiment’s walk at camps, were accompanied by Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kilic. The youths were served the wheat soup which the 57th Infantry Regiment troops drank, and afterwards partook in the morning prayers alongside the authorities accompanying them.

The 57th Regiment

The 57th Regiment was an Ottoman regiment which sprung to action in the morning of April 25, 1915 in order to prevent the advance of ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) troops at what is considered the start of the Gallipoli Campaign.

The 57th Regiment, consisting of nearly 3,000 troops from 3 battalions and a mountain battery , headed to Conkbayiri, where they came across and advanced on an enemy army approximately 4-6 times their size.

The regiment which lost two-thirds of its members was later reinforced in the middle of the war. On August 13, 1915, regimental commander Mr. Huseyin Avni Bey was killed by a shell.

The regiment was sent to the Sinai and Palestine Front.

While the 57th Regiment suffered great losses, they were circled by British forces. After being gunned down by machine guns, the regiment dwindled to 260 troops.

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