Follow those who do not ask of you [any] payment, and they are [rightly] guided.

Every day of Ramadan, some piece from Qur'an 3

Follow those who do not ask of you [any] payment, and they are [rightly] guided.

Qur'an - El Kerim Al Surah Ya-Sin (36 / 1-17)


Ya, Seen.

By the wise Qur'an.

Indeed you, [O Muhammad], are from among the messengers,

On a straight path.

[This is] a revelation of the Exalted in Might, the Merciful,

That you may warn a people whose forefathers were not warned, so they are unaware.

Already the word has come into effect upon most of them, so they do not believe.

Indeed, We have put shackles on their necks, and they are to their chins, so they are with heads [kept] aloft.

And We have put before them a barrier and behind them a barrier and covered them, so they do not see.

And it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them - they will not believe.

You can only warn one who follows the message and fears the Most Merciful unseen. So give him good tidings of forgiveness and noble reward.

Indeed, it is We who bring the dead to life and record what they have put forth and what they left behind, and all things We have enumerated in a clear register.

And present to them an example: the people of the city, when the messengers came to it -

When We sent to them two but they denied them, so We strengthened them with a third, and they said, "Indeed, we are messengers to you."

They said, "You are not but human beings like us, and the Most Merciful has not revealed a thing. You are only telling lies."

They said, "Our Lord knows that we are messengers to you,

And we are not responsible except for clear notification."

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