Turkish tech firm TOGG, blockchain platform Ava Labs ink deal

Strategic partnership formed to develop safe, secure mobility services powered by smart contracts.

Turkish tech firm TOGG, blockchain platform Ava Labs ink deal

Turkiye's Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG) and blockchain platform Ava Labs signed a partnership deal to build mobility blockchain solutions.

TOGG and Ava Labs, the developer team behind Avalanche, will develop and launch safe and secure mobility services powered by smart contracts, Turkiye's global technology brand said in a statement on Friday.

The collaboration, which was announced at CES 2022 – the world's largest consumer electronics show – in Las Vegas, is to "break new ground" in smart, autonomous mobility, the statement said.

"Our collaboration with Ava Labs is built on taking the experience of TOGG users to the next level, going beyond automobiles to empower partners, users, and non-TOGG users across the mobility ecosystem to benefit from this platform,” said Gurcan Karakas, the CEO of TOGG.

Thanks to the partnership, the TOGG Navigation system will be intermodal, meaning users can seamlessly complete their journeys using different transport solutions.

TOGG’s ecosystem will enable automatic, fast, and secure payment for all those services using blockchain technology and smart contracts, the statement noted, adding that the vehicle maintenance and parts replacement history will be included in a report stored on the blockchain, thus creating a secure and reliable second-hand market.

Established in 2018, TOGG introduced Turkiye’s first electric vehicle prototype in December 2019, which is expected to roll out in 2022 for the market.

The company also develops novel technologies, services, customer experiences, and business models.

It aims to reach a production of 1 million by 2030 across five connected electric vehicle models built over a common platform.

Ava Labs, founded by Cornell computer scientists, makes it simple to launch decentralized applications on Avalanche, the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry.