1500-year-old basilica discovered under Lake Iznik

A 1500-year-old basilica was unearthed on the bed of Lake Iznik.

1500-year-old basilica discovered under Lake Iznik

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A church which dates back to the year 500 CE was unearthed under in the depths of Lake Iznik in Turkey's western province of Bursa. 

Professor Mustafa Sahin from Bursa Uludag University’s Archaeology department said that the first traces of the church was first seen 20 meters from the beach and that they have been conducting excavations to get more clues about the church.

Byzantine experts are still carrying out research to to find out who the church belonged to. They have predicted the ruins to remnants of St. Peters Church, which was mentioned in some Christian books, said Sahin. 

It is not exactly known when the church was built, but archaeologists predicted that it must have been built in 500 CE.

The details of the church will be released along with the excavations.

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blake - 5 yıl Before

how long until they turn it into a mosque?

Sims - 5 yıl Before

It's a Church. Why are you using CE instead of AD? Recognise the origins instead of trying to be politically correct all the time.

Todd Reeder
Todd Reeder - 5 yıl Before

The expression "Common Era" can be found as early as 1708 in English, and traced back to Latin usage among European Christians to 1615, as vulgaris aerae, and to 1635 in English as Vulgar Era. At those times, the expressions were all used interchangeably with "Christian Era", with "vulgar" meaning "ordinary, common, or not regal" rather than "crudely indecent". Use of the CE abbreviation was introduced by Jewish academics in the mid-19th century.

francisco de matos
francisco de matos - 5 yıl Before

This is an example of global warming is it not..its mans fate!!!

Geng paul
Geng paul - 5 yıl Before

CE=christian era=AD===================Iznik, it's ancient Nicea, the first christian council place, the Credo, symbole of faith of Christinity is from this city.Very good news in one of the muslim countries.

Richard K. McPherson
Richard K. McPherson - 5 yıl Before

Let's call it what it is. It is NOT a church. It is a bunch of rocks on top of each other. Without people, there is NO church. Christ did not die for stacked up rocks, he died for people.