China to build replica of Titanic

China has announced plans to build an exact replica of the famous Titanic ship, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg in April 1912.

China to build replica of Titanic

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The Western China City Daily has claimed that an exact replica of the iconic Titanic will be built in Daying County of western China's Sichuan province.

The project, which is sponsored by the Seven-Star Energy Group (SSEG), will be part of the "Romantic Mediterranean Seven-star International Tourism and Resorts Zones" plan, set to be introduced at the 14th Western China International Fair on October 23. .

Su Shaojun, chairman of SSEG, revealed that just the blueprint alone cost the company millions of dollars. After the ship sank in 1912, much of the original blueprints were lost, but after years of efforts, the majority of the blueprint has been restored.

However Su also said, "We recreate the ship not for travel; instead, it will be a chance for people from all around the world to experience life on the Titanic."

The project will be carried out by a US company and will commence by the end of this yearThe crew of the 1997 James Cameron film "Titanic" have already been invited to the opening ceremony.

Xie Daiyin, Party chief of Daying County, was excited to learn about the new project. "The establishment of International Tourism and Resort Zones will provide a chance for people to go back in time and experience what it was like on the Titanic a century ago,"said Xie.

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tony mac
tony mac - 6 yıl Before

will this be a Titanic hotel

DeLories Vaughn
DeLories Vaughn - 6 yıl Before

I'm not really sure if I like this idea at all. My Great Uncle that went down with the Titanic, Major Archibald Butt as well as so many - needlessly. So I'm not sure if this is a slap in the face or are you going to honor "all" those who lost their life? I surely have mixed feelings and would like for someone to put my mind at ease!!DeLories