Google, Twitter, Facebook sued in France

A consumer group has launched a legal suit against Facebook, Twitter and Google in France over its terms of service agreements.

Google, Twitter, Facebook sued in France

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UFC Que Choisir, a French consumer group, is suing the social networking platforms Facebook, Twitter and search engine Google for "using personal information without permission" and for articles in their user agreements that are "open to exploitation".

In a statement issued Tuesday, UFC blamed the three corporations for using illegible and incomprehensible terms of service, and demanded that 180 articles that are "open to exploitation" be revoked or amended from the agreements.

Previously, the group had invited Facebook, Twitter and Google users to start a petition in order to force the companies to amend their terms of service.

In January, Google was fined 150,000 Euros by CNIL, France's data protection watchdog, over non-compliance with the data protection act.  

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