Khan Academy becomes available in Turkish

STFA CEO Mehmet Ali Neyzi said Khan Academy Turkish will provide all the features that US website offers in six months.

Khan Academy becomes available in Turkish

US based non-profit educational website Khan Academy’s Turkish version features more than 2,000 video lessons and around 500,000 videos have been watched since its establishment, STFA CEO Mehmet Ali Neyzi announced Tuesday.

“We have been working on that project for 2 years. STFA now provides a new service in education,” Neyzi said in a public announcement of Khan Academy Turkish.

Neyzi noted that there has been no change in education for the last 2 thousands years; however he stated through technology, how people are educated will change drastically.

He said Khan Academy Turkish will provide all the features that US website offers in six months. US version of the site provides a personalized tests and videos on a particular subject. Teachers can follow students’ progress and offer extra study.

Neyzi added that Khan Academy’s English version provides 5,000 videos in various subjects including mathematics, physics, logic and over 260 million lessons delivered. Over one billion problems have been answered up until February 2013.

Salman Khan, the founder of the project, said in a video message that Turkish-speaking students can learn a particular subject at their own pace and the site is also a powerful tool to observe students’ progress. Jessica Yuen, responsible for oversee projects, attended the announcement and said they are very excited to announce that Khan Academy is coming to Turkey.

Mustafa Ilkhan, a senior official from the Education Ministry, voiced his pleasure that Khan Academy is translated into Turkish.

Apart from Turkish, Khan Academy is also available in various languages such as German, Spanish, Urdu, and Arabic. Khan Academy’s slogan is “a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.”


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A. Khan
A. Khan - 6 yıl Before

Great news for Turkish students. No need for prep schools. Hope they dub the videos in Turkish and Kurdish too.

jr - 5 yıl Before

It's great that websites such as Khan or can be used worldwide by any person wanting a high quality and accessible education.