Robot shepherds herd cows in Australia

Farmers and researchers are testing the use of robot shepherds on cows in Australia.

Robot shepherds herd cows in Australia

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Four-wheeled robots similar to the Rover sent by NASA to Mars are being tested in Australia as cow-herders.

A team of researchers from Sydney University found that cows responded positively to their new robot shepherds,, and quickly recognized them as an authoritarian figure.

Robots have previously been used for milking, but it is the first time a robot has been used for herding. The robot also collects information about soil and electric fencing, as well as monitoring cows about to give birth.

Although the robot is currently operated manually by humans, experts hope to develop an automatic robot in the future.

Dr Kendra Kerrisk, dairy researcher and associate professor, told the BBC, "The research is in its very early stages but robotic technologies certainly have the potential to transform dairy farming." She also said that the robots are already in high demand from farmers.

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