Turkish schools eager to use Khan Academy

The Khan Academy's Turkish project leader says some Turkish schools are already using the academy's services.

Turkish schools eager to use Khan Academy

Education institutions in Turkey are eager to utilize US-based non-profit educational website Khan Academy, Turkey’s project leader Alp Koksal said. 

“We introduced the academy to some schools. All of them welcomed it. Some colleges such as TED and Doga are actively using Khan Academy Turkish already,” Koksal says. "We are planning to publicize the academy to more schools within the next year", he adds.

The project will become integrated into Turkey’s ambitious FATIH project (which aims to transform classrooms into ‘Smart Classes’). Ministry of Education included Khan Academy Turkish’s videos in its online classes’ website.

When asked whether Turkish version of the academy will contribute to its English version, Koksal says that the academy is open to such contribution, but notes that there is a long way before them to take such a step.

Apart from existent English videos, Khan Academy Turkish is aimed to produce videos specifically for Turkey’s audience. “We will translate videos related to US history and other relevant subjects into Turkish. But we should also produce videos related to Turkish history,” he states.

Apart from Turkish, Khan Academy is also available in various languages such as German, Spanish, Urdu, and Arabic. Khan Academy’s slogan is “a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.”


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