Türkiye's satellites in space to increase to 10, says President Erdogan

Country to launch observation satellite 'IMECE' in 2023, Turksat 6A in mid-2023.

Türkiye's satellites in space to increase to 10, says President Erdogan

With the launching of the national surveillance satellite IMECE next January and Turksat 6A in mid-2023, the number of Türkiye's satellites in space will reach 10, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the Turksat 5B Satellite Commissioning Ceremony in the capital Ankara, Erdogan provided information about the latest developments in the country's space activities.

"Turksat 5B satellite will make our TV and broadband satellite capacity uninterrupted from Africa to the Middle East and Asia," he noted, saying this satellite will provide support to disaster and emergency services to maintain communication in rural and mountainous areas.

Erdogan said there have been technical difficulties in accessing distance education programs due to insufficient internet infrastructure."This problem will also disappear. Turksat 5B satellite will serve for 30 years."

"We are taking steps that will bring our country to the level it deserves in every field," he said, adding that satellite technologies are one of these areas.

The Turkish government has taken a symbolic step in this direction by officially changing the name of the country from "Turkey" to "Türkiye", "in all communications and activities to strengthen the country's national brand, he noted.