Artificial intelligence discussed at TRT World Forum 2022

Digital media expert cites positive use of artificial intelligence during session.

Artificial intelligence discussed at TRT World Forum 2022

A session on artificial intelligence and cyber security was held Friday at the two-day TRT World Forum 2022

Digital media expert and strategist Glen Gilmore told the session titled, "The Global Race for Technological Superiority: Shifting Paradigms in the Age of AI and Cybersecurity," that observers often see the positive use of artificial intelligence such as diagnosing a medical condition.

Noting that artificial intelligence offers solutions to people by collecting enormous amounts of data, Gilmore said it can detect and fix a problem before it occurs.

But he pointed out that when talking to experts in artificial intelligence, they also say that they do not fully understand how artificial intelligence works and it is something to worry about.

He also voiced the need for artificial intelligence to be more transparent.

Baher Esmat, Managing Director for the Middle East and Africa, ICANN, said one of the great things about the internet is that it creates opportunities for everyone.

Maurizio Geri, strategic analyst and policy advisor, said technology helped many societies develop.

Pointing out that artificial intelligence also has an important place in the global power competition, Geri said bureaucracy and military infrastructure should be quickly adapted to technological revolutions.

The annual TRT World Forum started Friday in Istanbul.

The gathering, which is held under the theme of “Mapping the Future: Uncertainties, Realities and Opportunities,” brings together academics, journalists, intellectuals, politicians and members of civil society from around the globe.

Nearly 100 speakers and more than 1,000 participants from nearly 40 countries are attending the forum, according to Mehmet Zahid Sobaci, director general of TRT, Türkiye's public broadcaster.

The event is being held in person this year after it was held virtually for the past two years because of the coronavirus pandemic.