1 million more vehicles hit Turkish roads

Turkish Statistical Institute says the number of vehicles registered in Turkey reached nearly 19 million in 2014.

1 million more vehicles hit Turkish roads


World Bulletin / News Desk

Traffic got heavier in 2014, according to official statistics.

The number of vehicles registered on the roads in Turkey reached nearly 19 million 2014, the Turkish Statistical Institute said in a statement Wednesday.

 About 1.04 million vehicles were added to traffic in last year, an increase of 5 percent compared with the end of 2013. Removed vehicles amounted to 153,054.

A total of 95,576, including both new and old vehicles were registered in December of last year, the statement said.

Cars represented 52.4 percent, followed by small trucks at 16.3 percent, motorcycles at 15 percent, tractors at 8.6 percent, trucks at 4.1 percent, minibuses at 2.3 percent, buses at 1.1 percent and special purpose vehicles at 0.2 percent.

Of the new vehicles on the road, Volkswagen recorded 14.7 percent, Renault 7.3 percent, Hyundai 7.3 percent, Opel 7 percent, Toyota 6.6 percent, Ford 5.7 percent, Fiat 5.3 percent Dacia 5.2 percent, BMW 4.7 percent, Mercedes-Benz 4.3 and the other brands represent 26.1 percent of the total.


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