26 Indonesian women rescued by Turkish police

Turkish police rescued 26 women who were brought to Istanbul from Indonesia to be taken to Iraq and the UAE for work from the gang. The women were held hostage by members of an Iranian and Iraqi gang.

26 Indonesian women rescued by Turkish police

26 Indonesian women who were forcibly held in a residence in Bahçelievler were rescued by police teams. It was learned that the women came to Turkey to go to the United Arab Emirates and Iraq, but were taken hostage by 3 people, with their mobile phones and passports confiscated.

Istanbul Police Department Anti-Immigrant Smuggling and Border Gates Branch Office received a report that a large number of Indonesian women were forcibly detained in a residence in Bahçelievler. Evaluating the report, 23 women were found forcibly detained at the address, which was determined to be used as an office and flat by the police.


Iranian national Y.K. and Iraqi national T.M. and R.N.S. was determined to be. Three more Indonesian women were found during the search made at the house of one of the suspects, T.M. 26 women who were forcibly held at 2 different addresses were rescued by police teams.

According to the police research on the subject, the victim women will go to Iraq and the United Arab Emirates for 300 dollars a month by making an agreement with a company in their own country; It turned out that they used Turkey as a transit, waiting for the completion of their procedures to go abroad after arriving in Turkey, while they were forcibly detained by 3 suspects. It was learned that the suspects kept the women at home for 2 months, during which their passports and mobile phones were confiscated.

One of the suspects taken into custody, Y.K. with T.M. R.N.S. was released on condition of judicial control while he was arrested by the court they were brought to.

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