Erdogan rejects French offer of talks with terror group

Turkish president asks France: Who are you to mediate between Turkey and terror group?

Erdogan rejects French offer of talks with terror group

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The offer of France to mediate between Turkey and the PYD/PKK-led SDF terror group in Syria exceeds its limit, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.

Speaking at the provincial leaders’ meeting of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party in capital Ankara, Erdogan said: “If the remark [by the France presidency] that ‘we can be a mediator between Turkey and SDG’ is true, it far exceeds the limit of the person who says that.

“Who are you to mediate between Turkey and terror group?”

Erdogan rejected any scope for negotiations with terror groups, saying Turkey’s fight against terrorism would continue resolutely like the ongoing Turkish military operation in northwestern Syria.

In Thursday's statement, the Elysee Palace said during a meeting with a PYD/PKK-led SDF delegation, French President Emmanuel Macron recalled “France’s commitment against the PKK and its commitment to the security of Turkey”.

However, as Turkey has documented, the PYD/PKK and SDF actually are the Syrian branches of the terrorist PKK, recognized by Turkey, France, and the EU as a terrorist group.

Macron also claimed the SDF had “no operational link with this terrorist group” -- meaning the PKK -- adding that "a dialogue could be established between the SDF and Turkey with the assistance of France and the international community".

But the SDF is dominated by PYD/PKK forces, as Ankara has demonstrated.

In its 30-year terrorist campaign against Turkey, the PKK has taken some 40,000 lives, and Ankara has warned against international actors cooperating with such groups as the PYD/PKK, YPG/PKK, and SDF/PKK, as they are just the PKK under different names.

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