From the earthquake in Turkey: before and after

After two major earthquakes in Turkey, the cities were destroyed. The "before and after" photos reveal the devastation.

From the earthquake in Turkey: before and after

Photographs taken in Kahramanmaraş before and after the earthquake, as part of the "City Atlas" project, which aims to display the cultural, historical and architectural qualities of cities in 360 degrees, reveal the destruction in the city.

Within the scope of the City Atlas project, which was started to provide services through a "virtual tour" by creating a cultural and historical inventory in different cities of Turkey, a team took photographs of many areas from the air and from the ground in Kahramanmaraş about a year ago.

Photographing 600 different points of the city, the project team went back to Kahramanmaraş after the earthquake and tried to take pictures from the same place in the works carried out in cooperation with Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Culture Department.

The images the team took from the same place before and after the earthquake reveal the destruction caused by the "disaster of the century" in the city.

City Atlas Project Director Muhammet Kurtcephe told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they shot in many cities of Turkey before Kahramanmaraş.

Kurtcephe stated that they started to take photos of the culture and history inventory covering the city center and its districts in cooperation with the Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Culture Department.

"With the project called City Atlas, we set out to leave a legacy to our country and our future with today's photography technique. We photograph cities 360 degrees from the air and from the ground, we turn them into digital tours with software. We photographed the city's historical and cultural sites and the city in order to take the historical inventory of culture in Kahramanmaraş. We turned the photos we took from 600 points into a digital tour with software."

Explaining that his love for the city is very special because he is from Kahramanmaraş, Kurtcephe expressed his feelings about the shootings they took 8 months apart:

"Re-shooting some points that were destroyed after the earthquake, so we were able to shoot some of them, we did what we did with pleasure a year ago, and we did it with sadness a year later. When you look from the air, you see the destruction more severe. The greenery, buildings, trees, historical artifacts you see have disappeared. It makes you sad."

Kurtcephe mentioned the importance of 360-degree photographs for the history of the city and culture and said that the photographs they took in Kahramanmaraş are a painful indicator of this.

Muhammet Kurtcephe added that 360-degree photos taken before and after the earthquake in Kahramanmaraş and its districts are available on the website

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