Hatice Gaye Erkan's husband? What is his job?

Hafize Gaye Erkan's name is mentioned for the Presidency of the Central Bank in Turkey. With his name being heard, his private life began to be investigated with curiosity. One of the most frequently asked questions was who is her husband? What is his job?

Hatice Gaye Erkan's husband? What is his job?

Hafize Gaye Erkan's husband... Businesswoman Hafize Gaye Erkan was born in 1982. She graduated from Istanbul Erkek High School with second place and Boğaziçi Industrial Engineering Department with record points.

She won the Industrial Engineering Department of Boğaziçi University as the 26th and received scholarship offers from 9 universities, primarily from world-famous Stanford, Princeton, Boston, Cornell, and California.


Erkan preferred Princeton. She chose to pursue a PhD in financial engineering. She completed the doctorate program which lasted 2 years and consisted of 12 courses in one year. Hafize Gaye Erkan became the first student to complete her doctorate in one year in the history of Princeton, which has a 250-year history and graduated many famous names that shape the world.

With this success of Erkan, who became the youngest finance professor in the USA, the university administration changed the graduation system in its 2.5-century history, reducing the 2-year graduation requirement to one year.

These successes in his education life also affected his business life. She received offers from the world's most important financial institutions. Hafize Gaye Erkan's first choice was Goldman Sachs. In 2009, she became Senior Vice President of First Republic Bank, which was seized by the US government, as well as Head of Investment and Co-Chair of Risk Management.

Having achieved successful results in banks managed by the Federal Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (FDIC), Erkan became the President, co-CEO and Board member of First Republic Bank. She managed to become the youngest CEO among financial institutions in the USA.

Hafize Gaye Erkan began to be known as the "Awesome Turkish Girl" after her important studies and achievements in the USA.

Hafize Gaye Erkan was a Member of the Board of Directors of Tiffany & Co, one of the most well-known jewelery and design companies in the world, with a history of 185 years, and managed the sales process. Bloomberg announced Hafize Gaye Erkan's departure from First Republic Bank as a "flash" development with a 12-minute broadcast.

In 2019, she was named to Crain's Notable Women in Banking and Finance list and to the American Banker's Women to Watch list. In 2018, he was selected to the San Francisco Business Times' 40 Under 40 and Crain New York Business's 40 Under 40 lists.

Erkan serves on the Advisory Council of the Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University.

Hafize Gaye is married to Erkan Batur Biçer.

Hafize Gaye Erkan's husband, Batur Biçer, is the General Manager of Napier Park Global Capital.

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