Iraqi president to make first visit to Turkey soon

The president is expected to discuss bilateral relations between Turkey and Iraq during his first official visit.

Iraqi president to make first visit to Turkey soon

World Bulletin/News Desk

Iraq’s President Muhammad Fuad Masum will visit Turkey for the first time soon to enhance bilateral relations, Iraq’s presidential aide told The Anadolu Agency Friday.

The exact date of the visit was still being finalized.

Masum will visit Ankara to discuss bilateral ties as part of his regional tour, Nasir al-Ani from the Iraqi president’s office said.

The regional visit will include Iran and other countries.

The first official visit by a representative of Iraq’s new government to Turkey came when Iraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari arrived in Ankara on Nov. 5.

Masum is the seventh President of Iraq, who has been in office since August 2014.


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