July 15 coup attempt planned in Incirlik Airbase

A secret meeting organized by the US was held in İncirlik Airbase, involving pro-FETO Turkish generals, colonels, FETÖ Imams, YPG/PKK terrorists and NATO states' members, according to the report

July 15 coup attempt planned in Incirlik Airbase

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Turkish İncirlik Airbase had been used as the main base for planning the July 15 coup attempt that targeted Turkey's democracy, government and president killing 241.

Weeks before the deadliest coup attempt, pro-FETO colonels had met with the YPG/PKK in İncirilik Airbase and planned against the interest of the state.

The secret meeting was organized by the United States and many NATO members states had joined in the talks.

“Before the Manbij offensive began in May, the United States brought to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a coalition that nominally oversees the YPG," said David Ignatius, the Washington Post's opinion writer.

The SDF was formed by YPG, which is the Syrian branch of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which is listed as a terror group to Turkey, EU and the U.S.

In his article in the U.S. newspaper, Ignatius confirmed that pro-FETO generals, who have met the terror groups secretly, are now in prison for their involvement in the deadliest coup attempt.

“Some of the Turkish generals who met the SDF are now said to be in prison as coup suspects," he writes.

İncirlik was chosen for the secret meeting because there was no proper supervision facilities due to military confidentiality.

Some civil FETO imams (leaders) had also joined the meeting that high-level military delegates from the U.S., UK, Italy, France and Norway had attended.

A recent report on the meeting said that a delegation from Germany was scheduled to join the talks, but could not because of Ankara's objection against a German parliamentary delegation's visit to the base.

Along with the FETO generals in the base, some pro-FETO generals from other military bases across the country were also invited to the meeting.

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