NATO Patriot air defense missiles arrive in Turkey

Defense missiles bound from Spain arrive in southern province of Hatay's Iskenderun Limak Port.

NATO Patriot air defense missiles arrive in Turkey

World Bulletin/News Desk

Naval ships carrying patriot air defense missiles, as a result of Turkey's request for NATO assistance, arrived at Iskenderun Limak Port in the southern province of Hatay on Friday, officials have said.  

Authorities began to unload the missiles from the military ships that came from Spain and which Turkey ordered to defend itself against potential attacks from the south.

The military batteries will be deployed at Incirlik 10th Tanker Base Command located in the southern province of Adana. 

In September, Spain decided to send Patriot air defense missiles to Turkey to replace withdrawing units from the Netherlands as part of NATO assistance.

The U.S., Germany and the Netherlands each sent two Patriot batteries in 2012 to bolster Turkish air defense after Turkey asked NATO for help protecting its territory as civil war in Syria intensified. Shells fired from Syrian territory frequently land in Turkey.

Germany's cabinet agreed to keep two German Patriot missile batteries in southern Turkey for another year, where they are deployed as part of a NATO mission to defend Turkey's border with Syria.

The mandate, which needs approval from parliament, allows a maximum of 400 German soldiers to serve in NATO-member Turkey until January 2016.

The Dutch will end their participation at the end of January and will be replaced by Spanish units

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