No difference between ISIL, PKK terrorists

Opening mosque in Cologne, Turkish president urges common stance against racism, decries Islamophobia

No difference between ISIL, PKK terrorists

Turkey sees no difference between Daesh and PKK terrorist groups, the country’s president said on Saturday in his final address of a three-day state visit to Germany.

"We consider identical the Daesh savagery, which killed civilians in Berlin marketplace, and the PKK murderers, who martyred 11-month-old Bedirhan and his mother two months ago," Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at the inauguration ceremony of Cologne Central Mosque.

Erdogan also called for a common stance against racism, stressing that Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism are maladies that threaten both the present and future.

"We should act together against these trends, which corrode social peace and undermine the culture of coexistence," he added.

Stating that some people try to link all Muslims, by labelling them "Islamist" or "Jihadist," with the terror groups that harmed and killed mostly the Muslims, Erdogan said they expect from political and media institutions of Europe to refrain from statements that will show Muslims as a target.

"We say that this racism must end," Erdogan stressed.

He said the youth are tried to be pulled into the trap of terrorism by groups such as Daesh, PKK and Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), while the racist groups, he also said, ignore the rights of Muslims.

"Will not allow a handful of PKK and FETO sympathizer incompetents to disturb our people and harm Turkish-German friendship," Erdogan added.

"We expect a more intense effort from our European friends against terror groups," the president said.

He said the streets and squares of the European capitals should not be "polluted" anymore with the symbols of PKK.

FETO and its U.S.-based leader Fetullah Gulen orchestrated the defeated coup of July 15, 2016, which left 251 people martyred and nearly 2,200 injured.

Source: AA