Ozbek doctor Aidan Salih passes away

Dr Aidin Salih, a doctor of Ozbeki descent who has helped thousands with her alternative therapies has passed away.

Ozbek doctor Aidan Salih passes away

World Bulletin/News Desk

With research spanning more than 35 years under her belt,  71 year old Dr Salih who had been living in Istanbul with her family for the past 20 years, passed away at midday at her Istanbul home.

Set up by her students in 2011, the National Health Institute Director and also her student, Faruk Gunindi, released a press statement saying that Dr Salih who had students and patients explained the principles of Islamic medicine in a modern context and that she had helped more than ten thousand people with health, natural and simple life advice.

Gunindi said that Dr Salih had conducted research in Ukraine, Ozbekistan, Germany, Norway, Saudi Arabia, England and Syria and in the last five years had travelled to many areas of Turkey.

Studying medicine in Russia and biology in Ozbekistan, Dr Salih had converted to Islam when she was already a well reknown doctor. Leaning to Islamic medicine, dedicated her life to delivering the principles of Islamic medicine to as many people as possible.

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