Palestinian man sends his family keepsakes to Turkey

He presented family keepsakes to Turkey.

Palestinian man sends his family keepsakes to Turkey

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Palestinian Emin Ebu'l Aysh thanked Turkey for its support by sending his family keepsakes to Turkey as a heartfelt gift.

A 100-year old silk handkerchief, the key of the house his family had to leave in 1948, 3 stamps dating back to 1929 and a pebble picked from Palestine soils were handed out to Anadolu Agency's Gaza office by Aysh to be sent to Turkey as a token of his appreciation.

He said his motive was Turkey's attitude on Palestine issue.

Aysh said the stamps were resembling the British invasion and one of them was depicting the Al-Aqsa Mosque reading Palestine in Arabic, English and Hebrew. He said the handkerchief was his grandmother's wedding accessory and the key was their house's key Israeli gangs forced them to leave in 1948. He said he wanted to present those family keepsakes to Turkey and asked AA officials to hand them out to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.



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