PM condemns European apathy to terror in Turkey

Turkish prime minister says Turkish sympathy for terrorism in Europe not reciprocated

PM condemns European apathy to terror in Turkey

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Turkey’s prime minister on Tuesday criticized Europe for its indifference to terror attacks in Turkey.

In the first speech by a Turkish premier to the Council of Europe’s assembly of parliamentarians, Ahmet Davutoglu said Europe did not reciprocate the sympathy shown by Turkey to attacks on European soil.

“We care about the sensitivity and reaction against terrorist attacks in Europe,” he told European lawmakers in Strasbourg, France. “However we expect that the same sensitivity and reaction would be shown for the terrorist attacks in Ankara and Istanbul. We are deeply sorry as they have not been shown.”

Davutoglu also used his address to rail against xenophobia and racism against Muslims, migrants and Roma across Europe.

“The rise of parties and their leaders who have racist and fascist tendencies contradict the values of modern Europe such as equality, democracy, rule of law and human rights,” he said.

In Turkey, where around 3 million refugees are living, there had been no demonstrations against immigrants, he said.

Turning to the five-year conflict in Syria, the prime minister said the war should be ended as soon as possible to allow the world to focus on defeating ISIL.

“In order to end the dispute, there has to be a new constitution and real political transition which will enable free and fair elections in which Syrians can express themselves freely,” Davutoglu added. “It is very obvious that this is not possible if the Assad regime remains in Damascus.”

Also on Syria, he warned against support for the PYD, which is linked to the Turkey-based PKK terror group.

He said support for the PYD against ISIL would not solve problems but widen and legitimize terrorism.

“I would like to remind our European friends once again that the PKK and PYD benefit from the same pool, from ideologies to decision-making bodies and methods and instruments,” he said. “The PKK and PYD are deadly and savage terrorist organizations who ignore human values like ISIL.”

Güncelleme Tarihi: 20 Nisan 2016, 09:09