Popular Malian student in Turkey offers help to international students

Tidie Traore helpfulness offers great opportunity for university, foreign students, says school official.

Popular Malian student in Turkey offers help to international students

A Malian student in Turkey is extending a helping hand to help international students adapt to their new environment.

Tidie Traore, who came to Turkey in 2017 and studied the Turkish language for a year in the metropolis of Istanbul, was accepted to Hitit University in the northern province of Corum, where he later applied for an undergraduate education.

Traore, who started his education in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, helps international students to avoid the difficulties he experienced when he first came to Turkey.

He helps them adapt to the university and the city by bringing them together on social media platforms.

Offering help from the registration process to accommodation, official procedures to lecture notes, Traore is loved by students and the school’s administration.

He said he wants to contribute to everyone getting a good education.

'I do my best'

"I had a lot of difficulty in the translation of my diplomas and the equivalence procedures due to the language barrier,” he told Anadolu Agency. “I do my best so that the students who come to Corum do not experience the same difficulties.”

The manager of the school’s international office, Esin Erden, said that Traore offers a great opportunity for university and foreign students because he is very helpful.

Gabon national Rogane Ludvy said he needed help with residence procedures when he first came to the university and he met Traore through a friend.

"I applied to him to solve my problems. He helped me right away. He becomes like my brother," said Ludvy.

Soulemane Diallo from Guinea also said he was able to continue his undergraduate education with Traore’s help.

Another student, Miriam Sibanda, from Zambia, emphasized that students love Traore and said whoever tells him about a problem, Traore resolved it immediately.