Turkey leads UNESCO tentative list

Turkey has 77 cultural and natural sites which look to be added on UNESCO's World Heritage List

Turkey leads UNESCO tentative list

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Turkey has the largest number of sites -- 77 -- on UNESCO's tentative list of cultural and natural sites, according to the head of Turkey's commission for UNESCO. 

In an interview to Anadolu Agency in southeastern Kahramanmaras province, Ocal Oguz said the country has 18 sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as of 2018.

Gobeklitepe, the world’s oldest temple, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list on July 1. It was discovered in 1963 when researchers from Istanbul and Chicago universities were working at the site.

Oguz said public awareness in Turkey about UNESCO has increased in recent years, adding that local governments, civil society organizations, and government agencies are working in harmony in this regard. 

"When we share the richness of this land with the world, we think we will provide great advantages and opportunities in terms of sustainable development as well as preserving cultural heritage and transferring it to future generations.

"We believe in the benefit of it," Oguz added. 

Turkey's UNESCO Tentative List includes Sumela Monastery in the Black Sea province of Trabzon, Harran in southeastern Sanliurfa, Karain Cave in southern Antalya, Canakkale (Dardanelles) and Gelibolu (Gallipoli) Battles Zones in the First World War in Canakkale. 


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