Turkey secured 'over 70 percent' of Syria's Afrin

Turkish presidential aide Kalin says Afrin region will be completely liberated from terrorists within short period of time 

Turkey secured 'over 70 percent' of Syria's Afrin

World Bulletin / News Desk

Over 70 percent of Syria’s Afrin region has been secured during the Turkish-led Operation Olive Branch, Turkey’s presidential spokesman said on Thursday.

Speaking to news channel TRT Haber in the capital Ankara, Ibrahim Kalin said: “Geographically, over 70 percent of it [Afrin] has been secured right now.

“The circle has been completely tightened around the terrorists. We predict that the center of Afrin will be completely cleared of terrorists within a short period of time.

“They wanted to make Afrin a new Qandil. This [desire] has been eliminated through Operation Olive Branch.”

Iraq’s Qandil Mountains have served as a headquarters for the terror group PKK.

Kalin also addressed continued U.S. support, including weapons, for the terrorist YPG/PKK and PYD/PKK -- Syrian branches of the terrorist PKK -- as “reliable allies” in the fight against ISIL, ignoring Turkey pointing out the groups’ terrorist status.

“Every support that the US administration gives to the PYD and YPG in the guise of fighting ISIL gives breath to the PKK,” he said.

“Every weapon and bullet given to the PYD and YPG means the PKK grows stronger in other regions."

In its three-decade terrorist war on Turkey, the PKK has taken some 40,000 lives, including those of women and children.


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