Turkey spends $9.4B on environmental protection in 2017

Almost half of environmental protection spending was on waste management

Turkey spends $9.4B on environmental protection in 2017

Turkey spent over $9.4 billion for environmental protection in 2017, the country's statistical authority announced Tuesday.

"Out of total environmental protection expenditure, 57.7 percent was realized by financial and non-financial corporations, 35 percent was realized by general government and non-profit institutions serving households and 7.3 percent was realized by households," TurkStat said.

Waste management received the biggest share of spendings at 49 percent, followed by wastewater management services which accounted for 35 percent.

The total environmental protection investment expenditure stood at around $1.6 billion last year.

TurkStat also revealed that 62 percent out of total environmental protection investment spendings was realized by financial and non-financial corporations, while the general government's share was 38 percent.

"While environmental protection investment expenditure was 2.6 billion Turkish liras  ($712 million) for wastewater management services and 1.3 billion Turkish liras ($356 million) for waste management services, it was 2 billion Turkish liras ($548 million) for other domains," it added.

The institute reported that the share of environmental protection expenditure in GDP was 1.11 percent last year, compared to 1.06 percent in 2016.