Turkey Yes win would help Muslim world: Afghan diplomat

Most people in Turkey will vote Yes, in recognition of the president's contributions, says Abdulkarim Haddam

Turkey Yes win would help Muslim world: Afghan diplomat

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Afghanistan supports a Yes victory in Turkey's referendum on Sunday for the benefit of both Turkey and the greater Islamic world, said a top Afghan diplomat Thursday. 

"We expect to see Yes win in the referendum so that Turkey and the Islamic world grow stronger. If the result is Yes in the April 16 referendum, we will all win, nobody should forget that," Abdulkarim Haddam, deputy chair of Afghanistan's High Peace Council -- a government body tasked with negotiating an end to the country's conflict with the Taliban -- told Anadolu Agency.

Haddam said he believes most Turkish people will vote in favor of the constitutional changes proposed in the referendum "as they cannot ignore President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s contributions to Turkey".

On Sunday, Turkish voters will be asked to vote Yes or No to an 18-article constitutional reform bill which would shift the country from a parliamentary system of governance to a presidential one.

The Yes campaign is backed by the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party and the opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), while the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) has argued against the changes.


- ‘Turkey defends Muslims’

About charges that Europe has double standards against Turkey, Haddam said this is "because Turkey is a country which defends Islam and Muslims." 

"Turkey's government ministers and deputies were not allowed to meet their people [Turkish citizens in Europe] while terrorists were easily allowed to hold rallies. It is so shameful!"

 Haddam was referring to Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria barring Turkish ministers from holding rallies to campaign for the referendum.

The Afghan diplomat argued that the Turkish people would have a stronger hand against this European prejudice after Sunday's referendum.   

Pointing to developments in Turkey and its "turning into a modern country in every area," Haddam said, "Turkey could have a voice around the world thanks to Erdogan’s wise policies".

"If Erdogan wins, we will win; the Islamic world wins," he added. 

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