Turkey’s mid-range air defense system ready to enter inventory

Hisar O+ successfully hits high-altitude high-speed target, says head of Defense Industries Presidency.

Turkey’s mid-range air defense system ready to enter inventory

Turkey's medium-range air defense system Hisar O+ has passed the final acceptance test, said the head of the country’s Defense Industries Presidency.

"Our national air defense missile system hit the high-altitude high-speed target in the last acceptance test before entering the inventory," Ismail Demir, the head of Turkey's Defense Industries Presidency, tweeted on Sunday.

Hisar O+ was developed indigenously in cooperation with Turkey's defense industry giants Aselsan-Roketsan.

The air defense system, which has 360-degree defense capability, is capable of engaging and firing against at least nine different targets at the same time.

Dedicated to the air defense of stationary forces and critical assets against fighters, helicopters, drones, cruise missiles, and air-to-surface missile, Hisar O+ intercepts targets at a range of 25 kilometers (15.5 miles).

The Hisar O+ system will perform point and regional air defense missions with its distributed and flexible architecture.