Turkey's pro-Kurdish party says peace process on hold

HDP says all routine routes to Imrali have been halted, establishment of the Secretary suspended

Turkey's pro-Kurdish party says peace process on hold

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At the opposition Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Congrees meeting that will be held next week, deputy Ertugrul Kurkcu has held a press conference saying, “Even though this was contested before, it seems that having a secretariat has been suspended by the government. The routine travel has come to a stop”.

The Mersin HDP Deputy Ertugrul Kurkcu, said that while trying to solve this issue, PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan, Ankara and the KCK Leadership had prevented them from travelling to and forth Imrali. He also said that “We have reapplied for them to open up the way. We are awaiting answers”.

In the press conference that will be held on 15-16th Noveber Kurkcu, Sebahat Tuncel and Level Tuzel will give information regarding the Democratic People's Congress. Kurkcu highlighted that during the briefing he most important current matter will be that of the time it takes to solve the Imrali issue and that there will further “peace conferences”, and noted that “we wish for people to hold this matter from a particular side”.

The Secretariat has been suspended

In response to a journalists question of “Will there be standing negations regarding Imrali?”, he said that “Although previously agreed, the secretariat seems to be suspended. The routine travel has been stopped. We have applied for this to start again. We are awaiting answers”.

The Democratic Peoples Congress Opposite Leader and the HDP Istanbul Deputy Sebahat Tuncel will start a new process saying that “We are determining the new administration.Peace is one of the most important parts of the new process. Everyone is sentenced to peace”.

Explaining that in the new process so far that they have been focusing on a new process, “ Every new plenary session is a new beginning. We are going to define the new administration. This is not just a HDK meeting but also define the new administration for the period ahead”.

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