Turkish court blocks Web pages with Charlie Hebdo cover

Court in Diyarbakir province orders to block access to Web pages showing French satirical magazine's latest cover with caricature of Prophet Muhammad.

Turkish court blocks Web pages with Charlie Hebdo cover

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A court in Turkey's southeastern Diyarbakir province ordered Wednesday to block the access to Web pages showing Charlie Hebdo's latest cover of a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. 

"Pictures, cartoons, statements, writings, and publications aimed at humiliating the Prophet and religious values are accepted as an insult to those who believe in that religion," the court ruled. 

The French satirical magazine reportedly increased its print run to five million copies on Wednesday after it rapidly sold out in France. 

Meanwhile, three Turkish satirical magazines published Wednesday the same cover for the first time in their common history to show their solidarity with French magazine Charlie Hebdo

Covers of Leman, Uykusuz and Penguen all boast a "Je suis Charlie" comic bubble, on a black background, an homage to fallen colleagues in France who died on January 7 in a brutal gun attack in their Parisian offices.    

"We want to show our solidarity and show that we don't have any disagreements with our colleagues by publishing a common cover over this incident," Zafer Aknar, managing editor of Leman, told The Anadolu Agency Wednesday. 

On their Twitter accounts, the weekly magazines wrote: "We wanted to be in hand in hand while commemorating our colleagues and sharing our sorrow."

"We condemn the terror (attacks) against the cartoons. We desire a world, where freedom of thought does not suffer oppression, press are not attacked and talk of peace dominates." 


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