Turkish Justice Ministry begins work to harmonize laws

144 articles to be changed as part of first phase until 2019 when 18-article bill voted Sunday enters into force

Turkish Justice Ministry begins work to harmonize laws

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Justice Ministry has begun its work to harmonize legislations in Turkey’s constitution following the Yes victory in the historic referendum, according to a source at the ministry on Monday.

“Initially, 144 articles of seven laws will be changed,” the source said.

On Sunday, Turkish citizens voted in favor of an 18 article-bill calling for wide ranging reforms in the constitution.

According to the ministry, now all articles related to this bill are being changed. The 144 articles are part of the first phase of changes until 2019 when the 18-article bill will enter into force. It is not known yet exactly how many articles will be changed in total.

Among the laws that would be revised in the first phase are: Presidential Election Law (7 articles), Legislative Election Law (9 articles), Basic Provisions of Elections and Electoral Roll Law (10 articles), Political Parties Law (11 articles), Law on Judges and Prosecutors High Board (30 articles), Court of Disputes Law (27 articles) and Military Penal Code (50).

The article in the Presidential Election Law ruling that a president should cut off ties with his or her party is also expected to be taken out, the source said.

The Justice Ministry would continue to work on other necessary changes in the law, the source added.

The poll resulted in a 51.41 percent victory for the Yes campaign on Sunday, heralding the adoption of an 18-article bill that includes provisions for an executive presidency.

As of 10.50 a.m. local time (0750GMT), unofficial results showed 25,156,860 voted Yes while 23,777,014, or 48.59 percent, voted No. The turnout was 85.46 percent.

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