Turkish opposition finishes constitution bill review

Nationalist Movement Party leader says remaining issues over new constitution can be 'overcome through talking' 

Turkish opposition finishes constitution bill review

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The leader of Turkey’s opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) said Tuesday his party had completed their contributions to a bill for a new constitution.

Speaking at his party's parliamentary group meeting in the capital Ankara on Tuesday, Devlet Bahceli said some issues with the draft bill needed to be resolved.

Turkey's MHP first received the draft legislation from the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) last Tuesday.

The AK Party has sought to introduce a presidential system to replace the current parliamentary model since Recep Tayyip Erdogan became the first head of state elected by popular vote in August 2014. 

“We think the problems in the new constitution bill will be overcome through talking, and we will overcome factual obstruction with judicial intervention," said Bahceli, opening the way to further discussions with the AK Party.

"When we consider Turkey's worsening domestic issues, we see that we do not have any more choices," said Bahceli, pointing to potential consensus with the AK Party.

This new constitutional draft needs 330 votes in parliament before the legislations goes to a referendum.

The AK Party, with 316 seats, and the MHP, with 40, both back the bill.

If the draft constitution gets more than 367 votes, it can pass directly without the need for a referendum. However, the AK Party has said it will take the new constitution to a referendum, even if none is needed.

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