Turkish pizza maker lends hand to homeless in Canada

Zeynel Ari has made tradition of feeding people living on streets, in shelters in Toronto

Turkish pizza maker lends hand to homeless in Canada

A Turkish pizza maker living in Canada distributed food and winter clothing to the homeless.

Zeynel Ari, who became famous for his wood fire pizzeria in the city of Toronto, fed and provided the winter wear to the people living on the streets and in shelter homes.

Ari told Anadolu Agency that he has made it a tradition extending support to the homeless since 2016.

Together with his team, Ari prepared pizza for 150 people starting at the wee hours of the day and distributed it to those in need, saying: "Supporting and helping people is part of the Anatolian culture."

"Every Saturday, we take our pizza to the areas where the homeless and needy stay or live. I'm going to continue [this tradition] as much as I can," Ari said.

Ari also distributed 70 pizzas to orphans in his hometown, the eastern Turkish province of Tunceli, last year.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper, American popstar Madonna are among the customers of Ari's pizzeria.