Turkish presidential aide lauds Muslims

If we can maintain balance between unity and diversity, we can prevent unnecessary wars, says Ibrahim Kalin

Turkish presidential aide lauds Muslims

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The Turkish Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin on Thursday asserted that "Muslims are shown as 'the greatest threat' every day."

Kalin's remarks came during a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital Sarajevo, where he gave a lecture entitled "Islam-West Relations in the 21st Century" at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo.

Kalin addressed what he saw as the general patterns of perception about Islam and Muslims.

"When a Muslim person produces something beautiful, it must have been taken from another place, and according to their view, Muslims do not have their own intelligence, capacity, and this work has been taken from Christian art, Jewish art, African art or Indian art.

“This is a wrong perception and pattern of thinking. The Muslim countries are not the richest countries in the world. These countries do not have the biggest armies in the world. They do not produce weapons of mass destruction. The Muslim countries do not have the most advanced military technology but somehow, Muslims are represented every day as the greatest threat," said Kalin.

Kalin said Western nations were mostly responsible for this characterization.

"They have the largest armies in the world, they control the world economy, there are weapons of mass destruction, atomic bombs and chemical weapons, that is the difference between perspective and reality," said Kalin.

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