Thursday’s dailies focus on brawling in the Turkish parliament and heavy snowfall which is affecting life and transport in Istanbul.


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The majority of Thursday’s newspapers dedicated their front pages to a brawl between lawmakers in the Turkish parliament and heavy snowfall affecting life and transport in Istanbul.

“Parliament of violence,” was HURRIYET’s headline, showing a photo of the brawl and injured deputies.

A debate in the Turkish parliament over a new security bill was suspended on Tuesday night after a brawl between rival MPs.

The fight caused injuries to several deputies, including Ertugrul Kurkcu from the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party, HDP, plus Aykut Erdogdu, Musa Cam, Refik Eryilmaz and Mahmut Tanal from the main opposition People’s Republican Party, CHP.

“Security bill fighting,” was HABERTURK’s headline. It reported that CHP deputy Musa Cam suffered a broken rib and nurses had to enter a closed session of parliament for the first time.

HDP deputy Ertugrul Kurkcu, who received a head injury, took a helmet along to a press conference where he described the parliament as a “slaughterhouse,” the paper reported.

On the other hand AK Party spokesmen accused the opposition of attempting to block legislation by using violence.

Heavy snowfall, which affected life in Istanbul, was another news item that many newspapers focused on.

HURRIYET wrote: “Istanbul halts.” The paper added: “Due to the heavy snow, Istanbulites had to wait in the traffic for hours. Mass transportation did not work. Some people crossed the Bosphorus Bridge by walking.”

“In the air, on the land and on the sea, passengers are distraught,” HABERTURK wrote on its front page, reporting that over 350 Turkish Airlines flights have been cancelled and 841 traffic accidents occurred in the province.

“Snow-captivity” was the title of YENISAFAK, while SABAH used the headline: “Causing suffering but beautiful” to describe the heavy snowfall which has gripped the region.

Turkey’s National General Meteorology Directorate predicts that snowfall will stop on Thursday midday local time but that it would start snowing again that night until Friday morning.

According to the meteorology agency, snowfall measured 25-40 centimeters in Istanbul’s Catalca and Hadimkoy districts while 10 centimeters fell in Beylikduzu, Basaksehir and Esenyurt.

In economic news, DUNYA runs a story about cyber security in Turkey on the front page. “Turkey’s cyber security alarms,” its headline reads. The paper claims Turkey ranked ninth in a list of top ten countries most hit by cyber attacks.


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