Friday’s dailies include the Turkish president's unprecedented invitation letter to his Armenian counterpart to attend this year's Gallipoli centenary


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Many of Friday’s newspapers dedicated their front pages to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's invitation letter to his Armenian counterpart Serzh Sargsyan for the Gelibolu [Gallipoli] commemoration centenary to be held between April 23 and 25.

"Sargsyan gets invitation for Gallipoli centenary," was HURRIYET’s headline, reporting that Erdogan has taken the “unprecedented” diplomatic step of extending the invitation to the Armenian leader to ceremonies marking the 100th year of the Battle of Gallipoli.

The 1915 battle took place in the Dardanelles Strait in Canakkale province's district of Gallipoli, marking a turnaround in the fortunes of the Turks during the First World War. Turkey commemorates Canakkale Victory Day and Martyrs' Day on March 18.

Gallipoli attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, who come in April to commemorate the 1915 battle.

MILLIYET ran the headline: "We fought together, let's commemorate together." The paper said Erdogan invited all First World War affected countries to Turkey to commemorate the battle’s 100th anniversary, adding that even if Sargsyan did not attend the ceremony, the invitation would go down in history.

Turkish dailies also focused on remarks by presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's calling on world leaders to condemn Erdogan's words over the Israeli PM's controversial participation in an anti-terror rally in Paris.

"Riposte from Ankara to Netanyahu: Shameful and hypocritical situation for humanity," SABAH wrote, quoting Kalin as saying: "The Israeli prime minister's call for the condemnation of our president's speech on Jan. 14 and attempting to cover up the crimes he committed in Gaza is a shameful and hypocritical situation for humanity."

During Monday's joint press conference with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in Ankara, Erdogan commented on the Israeli premier's presence at the anti-terrorism rally in France by saying: "I find it very difficult to understand how he dared to go there after killing 2,500 people in Gaza through state terrorism."

In response, Netanyahu wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday: "I’ve yet to hear any world leader condemn the comments by @RT_Erdogan who said Israel should not have been represented in the march in Paris."

STAR also cited Kalin depicting Netanyahu as a "hypocrite" and calling him "Islamophobic," reporting that Kalin said it is unacceptable for the Israeli prime minister to adopt a simplistic and Islamophobic attitude and use the term "Islamic terrorism" in an attempt to openly try to link the Paris attacks with Islam.

In other news, dailies covered Hollywood's announcement of the 87th Academy Award nominations on Thursday, with “Birdman” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” topping all films with nine nominations each, including Best Picture.

"A psychopath wife and a sniper," said VATAN referring to British actor Rosamund Pike who was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in David Fincher's “Gone Girl" and Bradley Cooper who was nominated for Best Actor in “American Sniper.”

The awards will be presented Feb. 22 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood and televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide.

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