Turkish dailies covered on Wednesday the Turkish premier's remarks over his planned Gaza trip, the Turkish president's call for full scale PKK disarmament, and the withdrawal of PKK members.


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“I will go to Gaza”

"I will go to Gaza," daily SABAH superimposed Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying following recent controversial remarks by the top US diplomat who said that he had advised the Turkish leader to delay his planned visit in Gaza reportedly set for the end of next month. "I wish he remained silent on the issue. It wasn't decorous. We are set to pay a visit in the United States and we could have talked these issues there [in private]. I will visit Gaza anyway after our US visit," SABAH quoted Erdogan as saying over remarks John F. Kerry made during a brief stay in Turkey over the weekend. Erdogan is scheduled meet with US President Barack Obama on May 16. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also said Kerry's statements would make no changes in Erdogan's plans according to daily RADIKAL. The daily cited Davutoglu as saying that Erdogan might visit Gaza together with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas if the leaders of rivals Fatah and Hamas reached a reconciliation.

“Full-scale disarmament”

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has called for "a full-fledged disarmament" of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) members. "Giving up weapons can only be secured if disarmament is achieved both in Turkey and abroad," ZAMAN quoted Gul as telling reporters.

PKK members are expected to begin their withdrawal from Turkey on Thursday, ZAMAN cited Sirri Sureyya Onder, an opposition lawmaker from pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party. Onder told reporters that the PKK was set to make an announcement on Thursday about the beginning of the withdrawal. In related news, daily HURRIYET said the Turkish military has begun moving tanks and munition deployed along the border with Iraq to the country's west. "It's just summer arrangements and redeployment. There is no decrease in volume of troops or forces," HURRIYET quoted Land Forces Commander General Hayri Kivrikoglu as saying.

Boston crisis upon our border

Daily SABAH said Chechen fighters among the Syrian rebels trying to topple Bashar al-Assad had kidnapped two Christian Orthodox bishops as they crossed the border from Turkey into Syria "in retaliation to US security operations" against the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings, two Chechen brothers. Chechen fighters kidnapped Bishop Yohanna Ibrahim, head of Aleppo's Syriac Orthodox diocese, and Bishop Boulos Yaziji, head of the Greek Orthodox diocese in Aleppo.

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