Turkish dailies covered Friday the withdrawal of PKK militants, the statements of the president of the Constitutional Court on the new constitution, and Fenerbahce's victory over Benfica.


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All the dailies covered the announcement of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on their withdrawal date. At a press conference in Qandil on Thursday, the PKK gave the date of withdrawal as May 8. More than 50 media companies covered the press conference where live broadcast was not allowed.

"Game is Over" daily YENI SAFAK headlined saying that the 30-year-long PKK conflict, which has claimed many lives, has come to an end. Daily HURRIYET covered the statements of Murat Karayilan saying that the PKK would withdraw gradually with their arms, heading to northern Iraq. Karayilan asked northern Iraq to be tolerant towards them. Daily TURKIYE published "They will leave just as they came" referring to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's famous statement when Allied Powers occupied Istanbul. Daily said the withdrawal would be via the same routes the PKK had been using. Qandil said the first step would be withdrawing, the second would be laying down arms. Daily TARAF headlined "Thank God we saw it" saying that the most critical step of the solution process was taken. Defining the announcement as "historical," the daily said parties should be careful. "With no reservation, as soon as possible" published daily STAR while daily HABERTURK said "(Erdogan's) courage finished the terror.”

The only red line of the new constitution should be human honor

Dailies also covered the messages of Hasim Kilic, President of Turkish Constitutional Court, on the new constitution. Daily MILLIYET said "Kilic warned everyone". Daily SABAH quoted Kilic as saying the "human honor" should be the only red line which should not be changed in the new Constitution. Speaking at a meeting on Thursday, Kilic underlined that they should try different ways to negotiate, and give a chance to different views and proposals. He added that the value of honor of every person was equal, noting that religion, sect, race and color did not have an effect on this value. Daily STAR quoted Kilic as saying the "New constitution should be brought to referendum even if it would get the necessary 367 votes".

Fenerbahce on their way to final

Turkish dailies also covered the 1-0 victory of Turkish soccer club Fenerbahce over Portugal's Benfica in the first leg of semi-final of UEFA Europa League. Daily VATAN said "We are on our way to Amsterdam". Fenerbahce will advance to final if they keep their advantageous score in the second leg, which will be played in Lisbon on May 2. 

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