Turkish dailies covered Tuesday the Damascus bomb attack on a convoy of the Syrian prime minister, the Turkish General Staff's statement about the withdrawal of Turkish troops, and the first heart beats of a baby after a successful womb transplant from a cadaver.


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All the dailies covered the survival of Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi who was the target of Monday's bomb attack in the Mezzeh neighborhood of Damascus. Daily TURKIYE headlined, "Attempted assassination against Syrian prime minister" and published that Halqi escaped the bomb attack which targeted his convoy without any injuries. The paper added that Halqi was on his way to Jordan with his family when the explosion took place in Mezzeh neighborhood of Damascus. Seven people including some of his body guards were killed and 10 others were wounded in the blast.

"Withdrawal of Turkish troops out of question"

 Most of the Turkish dailies covered the statement of the Turkish General Staff which said, "withdrawal of any Turkish troops or a reduction in the number of soldiers in the southeast are out of the question. The troop programme and station list are re-arranged seasonally and in case of threats." Daily VATAN headlined, "No withdrawing" and added that the Turkish General Staff denied on Monday the allegations over the withdrawal of Turkish troops and a few hours after their statement was released, they dispatched tanks, ammunition and personnel to Turkey's southeastern province of Hakkari. On Monday, a statement released on the website of the Turkish General Staff reminded that the duty of Turkish Armed Forces was outlined in the law for provincial administration and added when governors demanded troops from the highest military authority, adequate staff to end the incident was positioned in the requested place.

First heart beats of a baby from the first ever cadaver womb transplant

Turkish dailies also covered the first heart beats of a baby following conception after an embryo transfer into a 23-year-old Turkish woman whose uterus came from a cadaveric donor. Daily YENI SAFAK headlined, "First heart beat" and stated that Derya Sert who became the first woman in the world to receive uterus from a cadaver is now 6 weeks pregnant and her baby has heart beats. Born without a uterus, Derya Sert was the first woman in the world to receive a uterus from a cadaveric donor in 2011. Turkish doctors transferred a single frozen embryo into Sert that was created using her own eggs and her husband's sperm on March 31. 


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