Turkish dailies Friday covered the Burkina Faso FM's faint during a press meeting with Davutoglu, Turkey's support for a U.S enforced no-fly zone in Syria, and the funeral of the Bursaspor chairman.


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All of the dailies covered Turkey's support for a U.S enforced no-fly zone in Syria. Daily YENI SAFAK published "we support no-fly zone," saying Turkish Premier Erdogan supports a U.S-led no fly zone in Syria. Daily YENI SAFAK also quoted Erdogan as saying Obama's red line for Syria has already been passed beyond. Daily STAR published "we support no-fly zone in Syria," mentioning that while speaking with NBC, Erdogan responded to a question by saying "we say yes for a U.S-led no-fly zone in Syria."

-Burkina Faso FM's faint during press meeting with Davutoglu-

Dailies also covered the Burkina Faso foreign minister's faint during a press meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Daily HURRIYET published "Turkish FM grabbed fainted minister just in time" as Burkino Faso Foreign Minister Yippene Bassole was falling over the rostrum during the press meeting with Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu in Ankara. Daily MILLIYET highlighted "the illness that led to the minister's faint" adding that the minister was taken to a hospital. Bassole was hospitalized due to influenza and fatigue, daily MILLIYET also said.

-Thousands of fans bid final farewell to Bursaspor chairman-

Dailies also covered the final ceremony for Ibrahim Yazici, the chairman of Bursaspor, Turkish football team. Daily VATAN published "Thousands of fans wrote his name to stadium" referring to Yazici. Daily VATAN gave details on the ceremony, stating in Ataturk Stadium thousands of Bursaspor fans gathered on Thursday to bid farewell to Yazici and fans asked for the stadium to be named as "Crocodile Arena Ibrahim Yazici" and Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said "OK". Daily MILLIYET published an headline "Farewell to chairman" referring to Yazici, saying Bursaspor chairman who died from heart attack at the age of 65 received a final farewell with the ceremony in Ataturk Stadium. 

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