Turkish dailies covered the claims over the twin bombings in the southern border town of Reyhanli, the death of a young Fenerbahce fan at Galatasaray derby, military plane crash in Osmaniye and the end of Turkey's debt of IMF


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All of the dailies covered the claims over the twin bombings in the southern border town of Reyhanli, killing 50 people and wounding more than 100 others on Saturday.

Daily TARAF headlined "Three critical weaknesses in Reyhanli," saying the blast could've been prevented as the Turkish Intelligence and Turkish police had received a tip-off and shared the information. TARAF also pointed to the lack of surveillance cameras at the scene of blasts and the inadequate border control.

Daily BUGUN published "Bombs from Syria," explaining that the bombs used in the bloody blasts had been brought in from Syria and the bombers had previously planned to stage the bombings in Turkish capital Ankara. BUGUN also quoted Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying, "Assad regime is behind twin bombings."

Daily YENI SAFAK headlined, "Bombs come by the sea," saying the bombs were brought from Latakia to Samandagi district of Hatay by the sea. YENI SAFAK also detailed that the Turkish Intelligence revealed a Syrian citizen, Mohamad K., was one of the perpetrators of the blasts and had links to Syrian intelligence Al-Muhabarat and that 17 people including 9 Turks and 7 Syrians, planned the bombing and three bombers fled to Syria.

Daily STAR also quoted Erdogan as saying "The attack was Assad's work. We should respond without getting deceived."      

-The death of a young Fenerbahce fan at Galatasaray derby-

Daily BUGUN titled "Which cup can bring Burak back-" addressing those who escalated the tension which ended up with death of 19-year-old Burak Yildirim after getting stabbed in the heart following last Sunday's derby against arch rivals Galatasaray.

Daily YENI SAFAK headlined "Damn such football," mentioning that the violence was at its peak with the killing of a Fenerbahce fan only because he was wearing Fenerbahce jersey and the attitude of football players towards each other during the game.

-Military plane crash in Osmaniye-      

Daily BUGUN published "F-16 crashes at Syrian border," saying the pilot of F-16/C military plane, which crashed in Amanoslar region of southern province of Hatay, was killed.

Daily STAR headlined "F-16 crashes in Amanoslar," detailing a rescue team of 4 thousand found the body of the pilot.

-The end of Turkey's IMF debt-

Some dailies covered end of Turkey's long-time debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as of today.

Daily YENI SAFAK published "Debt to IMF is over", saying Turkey is desirous of one of the seats of the IMF's 24 executive directors.

Daily TARAF titled "Depressing IMF period is over," mentioning that Turkey enters a new era in its relationship with IMF in which Turkey, a creditor-to-be, offered to lend a loan of 5 billion dollars to IMF. 

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