Turkish dailies covered the establishment an of inspection committee for claims over Reyhanli blasts, the second hearing in the NSU trial, Turkey's paying off the last installment to the International Money Fund (IMF) and the retreat of PKK militants to Iraq.


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All of the dailies covered the establishment of Prime Ministry Inspection Board for an investigation to find out if there was negligence by any state organization or official in May 11 twin car bombs in Reyhanli. Daily SABAH headlined "We will get united against the enemy", quoting Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his address to Justice and Development (AK) Party deputies before his departure to the United States. SABAH summarized Erdogan's messages as: "Syria is high on my US visit agenda, including further necessary steps as well as Reyhanli. There is no intelligence negligence." YENI SAFAK headlined, "Here are the Reyhanli confessions" and published that the inquiries of 9 detainees were finished, quoting one detainee as saying, "Our initial target was the Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara." RADIKAL published that several Syrians in Reyhanli returned to Syria while the Turkish political parties engaged in a debate over the blasts. RADIKAL quoted main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu as saying, "Erdogan is responsible for the death of 51 people in Reyhanli" and Erdogan as saying, "Kilicdaroglu plays a dangerous game supporting Syria's bloody regime and provoking our Alawite citizens". RADIKAL also quoted opposition National Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahceli as saying, "Erdogan threw Turkey into fire by taking side in the death play between Assad and the opposition", and opposition Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) leader Selahattin Demirtas as saying, "Turkey has to change its Syria policy, otherwise the disaster in Syria would move to Turkey gradually." HURRIYET also published, so far 150 Syrians living in Reyhanli returned to Syria, as they felt uneasy about the post-blasts atmosphere.

-Second hearing of NSU trial-

Dailies also covered the second hearing of neo-Nazi "National Socialist Underground" (NSU) trial in Germany. SABAH published that the NSU suspect Beate Zschaepe was held responsible of 10 murders as the indictment was read out despite all the attempts of suspects' lawyers. YENI SAFAK titled "Nazis found court room small", referring to the request of lawyers for change of the room, who demanded recusation in the first hearing. HURRIYET titled "Nazi bride back on show" referring to Zschaepe's outfit and refusal to identify herself.

-End of Turkey's IMF era-

Turkish dailies covered Turkey's paying off the last installment to IMF on Tuesday. Daily TURKIYE headlined "Farewell to IMF" reporting that Turkey paid off the last installment of 425 million dollar to IMF when Deputy Minister Ali Babacan pushed the money transfer button, quoting Babacan as saying, "We made a commitment to IMF to extend 5 billion USD loan. From now on, our transfers would be for lending money, not borrowing." STAR headlined "Historical EFT" referring to the money transfer by Babacan ended the era with IMF which started in 1961. STAR also referred to IMF Turkey Permanent Representative Mark Lewis' statement that the cooperation between Turkey and the IMF would continue.

-PKK's retreat-

Dailies also covered the withdrawal of the first group of PKK militant to northern Iraq within the solution process. SABAH published that a group of 13 militants entered north of Iraq as they started to retreat from Turkey under the solution process on May 8. SABAH titled "The first group arrived in north of Iraq", and "30 journalists covered the exit". YENI SAFAK published that the PKK members arrived in Metina region in north of Iraq, adding that the group took a different and much longer route not to face any provocation, and carried umbrellas not to get detected by drones.Daily TURKIYE published that the PKK members in north of Iraq held a ceremony to welcome the group.

Some dailies also covered actress Angelina Jolie's revelation of her double mastectomy. 

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