Turkish dailies on Friday covered the suicide of former governor of state emergency Kozakcioglu,a new ban on sales of alcoholic beverages according to a new law, and the aftermath of the daylight killing in London's Woolwich neighbourhood.


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All Turkish dailies covered the suicide of Hayri Kozakcioglu who served as a governor during the days of the Turkish Emergency Rule Region (OHAL) in 1980s. "Death by Russian roulette" headlined daily VATAN and stated that Kozakcioglu was found dead after being killed by a single gunshot to his heart at his Istanbul house. The daily added, even though his spouse was home during his suicide, she did not hear anything. "Single shot to heart," headlined daily HURRIYET and said his body was taken to Council of Forensic Medicine for autopsy. Kozakcioglu was a retired Turkish governor and politician and called as "Super Governor" in Turkish media because of his position in 1987.

"Time signal for alcohol ban", headlined daily CUMHURIYET and covered the new law which passed Turkish parliament. According to the new law, retail alcoholic sales in Turkey are banned from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The daily added the ban was enlarged so that drinking of alcoholic beverages on TV, films or video clips would not be displayed. Daily SABAH said, according to the new law, advertising and promoting alcoholic beverages was entirely banned in Turkey.

Lastly, several Turkish dailies covered Wednesday afternoon's brutal attack in London's southeastern neighbourhood of Woolwich. Turkish daily ZAMAN headlined the words of UK's Prime Minister David Cameron as saying, "The attack is a betrayal of Islam.” Daily ZAMAN published the statement of PM Cameron following the attack. On Wednesday, a young British soldier was killed by two assailants in daylight in the street near the Royal Artillery Barracks of London's Woolwich neighbourhood. The daily quoted Cameron as saying, "This was not just an attack on Britain, it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country." 

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