Turkish dailies on Wednesday cover new details on boat accident that killed 24 people in Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait.


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Most Turkish dailies reported Wednesday on new details on a boat accident which left at least 24 people dead in Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait in Turkey.

The boat that sank on Monday was transporting mainly undocumented Afghan emigrants according to Turkey’s transportation minister; Nine Afghanistan passports have been recovered.

According to the Turkish Coast Guard, 40 people were on the boat; 12 of them were children.

A search-and-rescue vessel, seven coastguard carriers, a diving team, two helicopters, a plane from the Turkish Coast Guard and two boats from Directorate General of Coastal Safety participated in the rescue operation, the governor's office said in a statement.

“3 locked in cabin” said HABERTURK, claiming that two children and one woman were found locked late Monday night in the cabin of the shipwrecked boat. 

Turkey is a regular transit point for illegal immigrants trying to reach Europe. Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, the number of undocumented emigrants has increased considerably.

ZAMAN quoted one of the boat's survivors, Ahmad Suiab, 22, as saying: “Smugglers said it would be a luxurious boat with beds, and we paid 70 thousand euro for eight members of the family.”

The daily said Suiab and his elder brother are the only survivors from their family.

VATAN asks “Did the captain run away?” referring to the claims that the captain of the boat was rescued by another ship.

The daily quoted Turkish Transport Minister Lutfi Elvan as saying: “We have unconfirmed data and we are investigating.”

In other news, Turkish dailies also covered the cost of the new presidential palace built on a part of the Ataturk Forest Farm in Ankara.

HURRIYET quoted Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek as saying: “The cost of Turkey’s new presidential palace is far more than previously thought, the entire value of the project of the presidential palace was set 1.37 billion Turkish Lira ($615 million dollars).

The daily also said a budget of $185 million from the Prime Ministry budget in 2015 would be allocated to a new presidential jet.

The palace at Ankara's Bestepe area will be the residence of the Turkish presidency, replacing the Cankaya Palace, which has been the traditional home of the Turkish president since the founding of the Republic of Turkey.  


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